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224.980 Repeater Duplexer Tuning Check/Adjustment

Transmit (high pass) cavity pair.

Transmit (high pass) cavity pair.

I put the IFR 1600 to work tuning duplexer cavities for the first time today. I went back through the BP/BR cavities on the 224.980 MHz KK4ICE repeater. I’m quite

pleased with both the service monitor and the cavities. These screen shots show the pass and reject tuning and performance after I finished tuning the cavities. Insertion loss on each side is less than 2 db, and I’m getting 70 db or better notching on each side (the reference level RF signal used for testing was -40 db.) Over the course of the weekend I’ll also be going back through the alignment on the 20141024_Duplexer_RX_reducedrepeater itself and doing some audio level tweaking.

Updated: October 25, 2014 — 3:15 am
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