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Calibrating a Leitz Seikkosha TM-20C Theodolite For Multiple Uses

Leitz Seikkosha TM-20C Theodolite Added to Equipment for Checking Towers for Vertical/Plumb, Pad Layouts, etc. Primarily for use in my broadcast engineering work, I recently acquired a Leitz-Seikkosha TM-20C Theodolite. Ironically, I found it on eBay and in the process of buying it discovered I was purchasing it from a fellow ham radio operator up […]

A More Frustrating and Painful Day Than Usual

As much as I prefer to avoid letting my physical pains show, today is one of those days when my body says “Oh, yeah? Not today, buddy!” I started out the day trying to finish up refurbishing the remaining two of the four cavities on this set of Motorola UHF duplexers. Unfortunately, I got this […]

Now Designing and Building PCB’s In-House

2018 is off to a decent start already, considering that I’ve already accomplished my first personal goal of gathering the “stuff” and setting up to design and build printed circuit boards (PCB’s) in-house. Quite handy for turning designs into actual prototypes and working PCB’s without having to send off the design for someone else to […]

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