FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operator, Extra Class

Month: March 2018

A More Frustrating and Painful Day Than Usual

As much as I prefer to avoid letting my physical pains show, today is one of those days when my body says “Oh, yeah? Not today, buddy!” I started out the day trying to finish up refurbishing the remaining two of the four cavities on this set of Motorola UHF duplexers. Unfortunately, I got this […]

AFCRAS – Growing and Continuing to Add More Features and Services

The Alabama Frequency Coordination and Repeater Advancement Society (AFCRAS) is growing in membership and even more new and exciting things are being added. Among other things being added: high definition, professionally produced news and information videos are currently in production. Below is the initial “trailer” video for AFCRAS, with a little info about what’s already […]

A Great Day and a VERY BUSY Week With AFCRAS

Lots of super cool things are happening with the Alabama Frequency Coordination and Repeater Advancement Society (AFCRAS) team lately. This week has been virtually non-stop. Today, the President and I met with the trustee of one of Alabama’s Amateur Radio clubs and they are busy gathering information in order to transfer coordination of one of […]

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