FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operator, Extra Class

Month: August 2014

6-Meter 3-Element Beam Project

Having recently acquired an Icom IC-7200, I’m looking forward to getting involved in 6-Meter sideband again, particularly the LaGrange Amateur Radio Club’s “Buzzard Net.” I happen to be “Buzzard #56.” When I was participating in the Buzzard Net before, my reception was very marginal, as I did not have an antenna at the shack which […]

Icom IC-7200 Being Installed In the Shack

I recently purchased a used Icom IC-7200 which the previous (original) owner stated quit modulating after a lightning storm did a great deal damage at his home and in homes throughout his neighborhood. On inspection, it was confirmed that this was the case, although the radio was fine otherwise and had full, excellent power output. […]

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