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Arcing Noise Problem Eliminated — Thank you Opelika Power Services

A crew from Opelika Power Services came out today to check out the arcing problem identified in my previous couple of posts. They found that the ground wire which is attached to the lightning arrestor/surge diverter was too close to the arm on which the diverter is attached, which is known to lead to arcing between the ground wire and the diverter’s mount. When they relocated the ground wire, lo and behold I now hear no arcing noise; moreover, my S-Meter is now down to S1 and sometimes no bars at all on 40 meters, and not enough background noise to even hit S1 on 6-Meters with the beams pointed directly at the transmission lines.

A special “Thank you” to Brian Kriel and the team at Opelika Power Services for taking care of the problem in such a timely fashion after being made aware of it. My recently assembled ultrasonic RFI detection system did a great job at finding the location of the problem on the pole, and OPS did a fantastic job of fixing the problem.

73… I’m off to enjoy listening to some nice, clear DX…


Updated: October 2, 2014 — 4:06 pm
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