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AFCRAS – Growing and Continuing to Add More Features and Services

The Alabama Frequency Coordination and Repeater Advancement Society (AFCRAS) is growing in membership and even more new and exciting things are being added. Among other things being added: high definition, professionally produced news and information videos are currently in production. Below is the initial “trailer” video for AFCRAS, with a little info about what’s already available and things which you’ll be seeing added soon. Isn’t it amazing what sort of cool things start happening and the major improvements which are possible when a bunch of Alabama hams decide to get together and do the right things right for the right reasons? Given a little vision and good leadership, the Amateur Radio and repeater community in Alabama is capable of doing things better than ever before. Go check it all out for yourself at http://www.afcras.org today. Join the movement and the future of frequency and repeater coordination in Alabama!

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