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A Great Day and a VERY BUSY Week With AFCRAS

Lots of super cool things are happening with the Alabama Frequency Coordination and Repeater Advancement Society (AFCRAS) team lately. This week has been virtually non-stop. Today, the President and I met with the trustee of one of Alabama’s Amateur Radio clubs and they are busy gathering information in order to transfer coordination of one of their Pic03-01-18_223012repeaters, and completely redo the coordination on another repeater for a new location while transferring it to the services of AFCRAS as well. Word has spread even faster than we had anticipated, but all the super-dedicated AFCRAS team members are staying on top of things. AFCRAS is on-track to grow even faster than predicted because each member of the  team is not only serious about meeting the expectations of Alabama ham / Amateur Radio repeater owners and trustees when it comes to being of great service, but strives to totally exceed their expectations. The old saying “There’s nothing so powerful as in idea whose time has come” is true; however, it takes truly dedicated people stepping up to the plate to turn ideas into reality.

Steps which the founding directors of AFCRAS had roughly estimated might take six to eight months to accomplish have been completed — and numerous goals surpassed — in roughly a month. That is what happens when a great team comes together, is determined to answer the call of Alabama Amateur Radio repeater enthusiasts, and actually listens to what they have been saying (and complaining about) for years and years. What a novel idea: servant leadership, as opposed to self-serving leadership.

The only sad facet of it all: it could have been the description of ham radio frequency and repeater coordination in Alabama years ago. Oh, well. It’s a new day, and the landscape of frequency and repeater coordination in Alabama is not merely going to change for the better, it already has.  Despite the desperate attempts of a few individuals to thwart it out of self-interest, the Alabama Frequency Coordination and Repeater Advancement Society has already raised the bar to never-before experienced levels in Alabama.

Totally. Friggin’. Cool.

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