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Only So Much Time and Energy

As many of you know, I’ve been engaged in a battle with out of control diabetes recently, along with the other two main physical conditions. I’m pleased to say that the blood sugar is getting under better control. Related to that, my time and energy are limited — much more so than in my younger days, obviously. Also, the fact that as the Alabama Frequency Coordination and Repeater Advancement Society has evolved and grown in

Recently acquired General Electric / GE Mastr II repeater which will be converted into a GMRS repeater for a friend.

membership I no longer serve on the board of directors has freed up some time and energy which I am shifting to other projects, including more specific AFCRAS-related activites. I was one of the three “founding” directors; however, the first officer elections changed the composition of the board in accordance with the bylaws, eliminating the necessity of my serving on the board. That thankfully freed up that amount of time and energy for more work related to serving as a Frequency Coordinator and member of the AFCRAS Media Committee.

Nobody has unlimited time and energy, myself definitely included. I enjoy being of service to the ham / amateur radio community and fellow hams. AFCRAS affords me a wonderful opportunity to do that in a more focused manner. The AFCRAS board of directors seems to be doing an excellent job and I consider it a blessing being able to serve the organization, its members, and the Alabama Amateur Radio community by being a team member who is focused on more specific tasks, while others focus on “calling the shots,” so to speak.

Meanwhile, I am also working to “relight the fires,” if you will, under some other ham-related projects in order to get them moving again. Sooooo much had to go on the back burner and that has been more frustrating to me than most people could imagine.

I have repeaters here to work on for a few friends, as well as more small (well, relatively small) projects backed up which I simply have not had the time or energy to take on. Hopefully, those will all start moving along at a little better pace very soon.

I look forward to sharing details on some of those projects — big and small — and thank you all for your patience as things don’t move as fast as I’d love for them to sometimes, and obviously might not ever again. It’s not that I don’t want to do all the fun, cool things: it’s just that I have to pace myself and do what I am able to when I am able to.

So stick around and watch for more “stuff” popping up on here soon. You never what you’ll see next, including ongoing news articles on various things happening in ham radio in Alabama.


73 everyone,

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