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Beep Beep Beep — Quintron Paging System Build and Alignment

Much to the surprise of many, the paging industry is alive, well, and still quite popular. To wit, I finished building, wiring, and aligning this Quintron system over the course of the

Quintron QT-100B 100 Watt paging system, ready to be transported to the tower site and put into service.

past few days, which will be installed in the place of an existing system. The existing system is working, but it has been in service for a few years and it wouldn’t hurt to give it a thorough servicing, alignment, etc., after which it will serve as one of the spares for a multi-site system.

I enjoy repairing and working with the Quintron and Glenayre systems. They’re built like tanks (and weight about as much as one — especially their power amplifiers.) They are some of the most reliable equipment I’ve ever maintained. This system is currently running here in the lab, so needless to say I certainly have no issue with missing any pages, considering it will transmit 100 Watts.

Hopefully this one will go to the site fairly soon, at which time I’ll have to figure out how to make room for the one that’s coming back to the lab. Did I mention we’re going to disassemble that one and haul it piece by piece instead of the whole system in a 6′ tall rack with a repeater system in the rack as well?

System with P.A. front panel removed and exciter assembly opened during alignment.

Just a few wire clips and ties to make things a bit neater, and away we go.


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