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LaGrange, GA Amateur Radio Club — Nice Work On Your Hamfest!

Here’s tipping my hat to the LaGrange, GA Amateur Radio Club for hosting a great hamfest yesterday (October 27, 2018.) It might not be the largest hamfest around, but it is very much enjoyed by locals and even hams to travel a pretty good distance to join in.

I’m not sure whether it was the way the tables were arranged making it appear that way, but it looked to me as though there were noticeably more individuals renting tables and selling at this year’s LaGrange Hamfest. I saw lots of HF equipment being sold and horsetraded, and overall attendance looked pretty good as well.

With Tower Electronics and R/T Systems there as vendors, there was a nice selection of new items ranging from antennas, connectors, wiring supplies, all the way to programming software available.

There was, of course, the annual gathering of “Buzzards,” constantly circling and perching near the always creatively crafted Buzzard Net displays and paraphernalia, which is always a delightful attraction and is very special to those who participate in, support, and promote it.

Nice work guys! Here’s hoping the LaGrange Hamfest continues to grow in the future.

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