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Testing v2.3 of Arduino-based RF Power & SWR Monitor – LCD Added

These two short videos show the testing of the v2_3 code running on the Arduino-based power and SWR monitoring system I’m developing and building for a client’s Quintron and Glenayre paging systems (but the system can be added to virtually ANY RF transmitter — it’s just a matter of having the correct bidirectional RF power sensor attached. At this stage I’ve added an LCD display as well as an audible HIGH VSWR alarm. I’m sure I’ll find a few additions and tweaks I want to make (such as a “splash”/welcome screen” on the LCD when the monitoring system is first powered-up or rebooted which will show which version software is installed), and I plan to add P.A. (power amplifier) temperature sensing and alarm, and a sensor to indicate when the system is running on backup battery or generator power. Those latter additions are in anticipation of setting up remote monitoring or radio telemetry to alert the system owner and engineer if there is any sort of problem with the system, a power failure, etc.

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