FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operator, Extra Class

Registered DMR User Databases Still Experiencing Rapid Growth

Latest database count, as of just before 1 a.m. Central Time, is 118,373 total

The number of registered DMR users is still growing rapidly. Interest in DMR is definitely not waning. In fact, I’d love to know just how many folks bought themselves their first DMR radio (or were gifted with one) for Christmas. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a surge in the number of new registrations for a few weeks. I just ran a database update for my TYT MD-380, and the count of users in the database is now up to 118,373. The KK4ICE Gold Hill, AL DMR Repeater is staying active (both timeslots), and the LED’s on my hotspot are rarely idle. DMR is definitely still booming and blooming.

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