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Gold Hill 442.175 Repeater Down Temporarily and East Central AL DMR Talkgroup Update

Gold Hill, AL 442.175 Repeater down for a few days due to PA failure

Apparently things over on timeslot 1 were really, really busy this past Saturday night. The dual-pack MOSFET final transistor in the transmit radio in the Yaesu DR-1X repeater… well, we “let the smoke out of it.” A replacement transistor is on the way.

Blown RD70HUF2 dual-pack MOSFET in the Yaesu FTM-400 transmit radio in the DR-1X repeater.

We’re not sure if it will be back on the air by this coming weekend, but with any luck it might be. Otherwise, it should be back on the air by next week. In the meantime, you can still join us on the East Central AL DMR Talkgroup (310023) from a “hotspot” in our are, and from DMR repeaters in other areas. Virtually everyone involved in DMR in our area also owns a “hotspot” of some sort and we’re still just as active on the East Central AL TG even with the repeater down. Speaking of the East Central AL DMR Talkgroup…

East Central AL Talkgroup now officially listed by Brandmeister

The folks at Brandmeister have officially added the East Central AL DMR to the talkgroup database. We’re already seeing callsigns popping up and activity from folks who are finding the group by searching for Alabama talkgroups online. We invite you to join us on 310023, the East Central AL DMR Talkgroup.

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