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Gold Hill 442.175 “Temporary” Repeater Declared “Permanent”

Now that it has been running so well for almost three months, I made the decision to keep what was built as a “temporary” repeater for the 442.175 DMR machine as the “permanent” machine. It’s doing its thing at about 93 Watts with no problems noted, so — as they say — “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I considered a few other possibilities, but seriously, the thing is doing so well with the transmit radio throwing just 1.25 Watts at that Motorola Micor Amp which is in turn cranking out 93 Watts, I just see no

Midland SD-250U2 two-way data/telemetry radio, programmed as the 442.175 MHz transmit radio for the DMR repeater. Mounting it on a section of salvaged Mastr II PA heatsink keeps the radio temp down around the 92 degree range during high duty cycle use (it was reaching 120-140 degrees prior to adding the heatsink.) It was worth the 20 minutes it took to mark, drill, and tap the heatsink so that the radio could be firmly attached to it using four M6 sized bolts (also salvaged from a scrapped-out Mastr II.)

advantages to putting anything different into service up there. Plus, I have a spare Midland Data/Telemetry radio in the event either the transmit or receive radio ever fails, which sure beats the thought of having to spend hundreds of dollars for a repeater replacement or major repair in the event of a failure.

Awaaaaayyyyy we go…

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