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Reinstalling the 72 MHz Simulcast Transmitter for Warm-Up Period

Just a couple of photos taken while reinstalling a Quintron 72 MHz paging system simulcast transmitter for a client. This is the “main” simulcast transmitter. We switched

Reinstalling the “Main” 72 MHz transmitter.

over to the “backup” transmitter to give it another workout while pulled and I did a re-check of this transmitter, which I had repaired and realigned back around Christmas. The transmitter tested great, so I took it back to the transmitter site and reinstalled it today.

These transmitters have local oscillator crystal ovens which need to run for several hours to let everything stabilize before putting them on the air, so I put the transmitter back in the rack and powered it up with a 50 ohm dummy load attached. I’ll let it idle for a day or two then go do the switch back from the backup transmitter to this one.




Attaching the 100 Watt dummy load to the transmitter so it can sit idle and “off the air” to warm up the crystal oven for a day or two.

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